Providing a smooth and enjoyable building journey

Complete Transparency And Assurance

Choosing Garraway Developments means partnering with a builder who has tried and tested processes in place. We guarantee complete transparency and assurance throughout your entire project, so we can provide you with a smooth and enjoyable building journey.

Preliminary Process

Understanding the preliminary process is the exciting first step of your new build. To ensure you feel supported, as well as excited, we created this brochure full of the information you need to understand each step of the preliminary process. Whether you’re unsure about what the initial consultation looks like, or would like to know what happens when - we outline the building journey for you, step by step.

Building & Selections

It’s time to build and select! From choosing the appliances you want to the first frame walkthrough, we’ll guide you through this process so you always feel in control of your new build. And, because we know how important communication and transparency is in any project, we use the Buildxact customer portal. Everything to do with your current project is located in one place.

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Client Questionnaire

We’d love to learn more about your project and what you want to achieve. By answering the following questions in detail helps us determine how to best help you.